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Water Soluble Hemp CBD and our body

What you need to know about water soluble hemp CBD.

Our human body is made of approximately 80% water. Most CBD products on the market are oil based and don’t mix with our – water-based bodies – effectively.

Water soluble CBD technologies have solved this problem by converting CBD oil – extracted from hemp – into nano sized “individual” molecules. By separating the individual molecules, from the natural “clump,” a measurable increase of bioavailability occurs. Bioavailability is simply, how much CBD actually gets into your bloodstream and does work.

Water soluble CBD – common questions – include:

What is water soluble CBD?

  • Is CBD oil “really” water soluble?
  • What are the advantages of water-soluble CBD?
  • How do you use water soluble CBD?
  • CBD Hemp Oil vs Water Soluble CBD
  • What all can you add water soluble CBD to?

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What is water soluble CBD?

Most CBD oil products are just that, they are an “oil” product and don’t mix well with water.

Like most oils, getting it to mix with water is almost an impossible task. While CBD oil products do have their use, the problem is that the human body is made of mostly water. Since our bodies are mostly made of water, getting an oil product to get maximum use is limited.

Water soluble CBD products are just the opposite of an oil based hemp CBD product. A patented process takes the larger CBD molecules and adds a smooth separation between each individual compound. This process increases the bioavailability of CBD, thus allowing more CBD to get absorbed into your bloodstream. Once CBD is in your bloodstream, it can go to work and provide you the relief you desire.

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Is CBD oil “really” water soluble?

The answer is in the question, as discussed in the previous section. Oil and water don’t mix because the water molecules have a more natural attraction to one another than they do with the oil molecules.

Water is denser (heavy) than oil, therefore water will force oil to the top of the water. Water is a polar molecule and is attracted to other polar molecules and oil is nonpolar, thus only attracted to other nonpolar molecules.

Once CBD goes through our quality filtration procedures, it allows the CBD to absorb (dissolve) into water more easily. This is due to a nano-emulsification process that breaks apart the “sticky” nonpolar molecules and allows for maximum bioavailability and efficiency.

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What are the advantages of water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD has many advantages over CBD oil counterpart.

A major challenge with most CBD products on the market involves the lack of understanding of the “actual” amount of CBD you’re absorbing. One critical advantage with water-soluble CBD is the ability to measure the exact amount of CBD you want absorbing into your bloodstream.

Knowing the accurate serving of CBD helps you to quickly achieve the desired effect. Once you know how much CBD your body requires to provide relief, you’re able to quickly repeat this process time and time again.

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How do you use water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD drops are a versatile (flexible) formulation. Due to the delivery system, the nano (micro-emulsions) concentrates can be infused or used directly. Since water soluble CBD has no smell or taste, “how” you use it can vary immensely.

  • Based on your unique individual needs, water soluble CBD is primarily added to your normal drinking water.

Simply add 1-2 drops of water soluble CBD to your water and mix well.

Water Soluble CBD vs CBD Oil

CBD “oil” compared to CBD that dissolves in water is almost a no-brainer, once properly researched. Common sense tells us that oil and water do NOT mix together very well. Since the human body is made of mostly water, the basic logic reveals that water soluble CBD does – in fact – mix well with water.

Through a special process, CBD oil extracted from hemp is made to easily dissolve in water or other liquids.

Use Water Soluble CBD in you daily meals.

What all can you add water soluble CBD to?

Due to the enhanced absorption technology, water soluble CBD can be added to most all consumable liquids beverages. Water soluble CBD has been carefully designed for optimum absorption and maximum bioavailability. It’s designed to dissolve – in most liquids – instantly, prior to consumption.

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