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Tonight as I was answering emails and continue to build the awareness of hemp CBD with NO THC.   We received an email that said the following information.  I wanted to share what is sometimes (more than anyone would like) going on in the business with our competitors and why you want to work with a company that is transparent and ethical.

Hello Joel,
My name is Lester with _________ Hemp & CBD.  I came across your profile and would like to know if you offer full spectrum hemp extracts? If you are ever looking for a bulk CBD supplier I have:
10% Raw (Green) at $2 per gram
18% Blue at $3.60 per gram
25% Gold at $6.25 per gram
50% Gold Dewaxed at $13 per gram

I also have higher zero THC extracts. Let me know if you would be interested and I will send you lab work.
Thank you for your time!

Ok, first do you see the percentages?  That shows you that there are companies out there that sell you "Gold" at 50% purity.  Global CBD's standard is 99.7% pure.     Do you think 50% is better than 10%?  Or 99.7% is better than 50%?   When you buy real gold do you 10% pure or 99.7% pure.  99.7% right!!, me too.

Second, we offer products that do not have THC.  When you see the words full spectrum you that means that you have all the cannabinoids including THC.  Although I do not have any issues with THC, the current legal system does and it is known to cause failed drug tests and for some have a psychoactive effect.  Global CBD has made a standpoint to not offer THC in our products to give our clients a safe path in the CBD industry.  You can be assured that you will not fail an employment drug test by consuming or using our products.

Lastly, our Nano line (Pure Relief Ultra Nano and Pure Relief 1500), we take it one more step.   We break apart the clusters of CBD molecules and split them into singular molecules for better absorption.  Think of it as trying to stuff a bag full of marbles in a tube versus putting/dropping one in at a time.  Nano molecules of CBD work their magic in our bodies more efficiently and effectively.  It helps that they are 99.7 percent pure instead of 10% too.

If you haven't tried our product you should.  Thanks for checking us out and sharing our posts.  We love helping people live better lives.


Joel Bordeaux


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