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Dr. Mochoulem explains that for 1000's of years CBD and cannabis have been used as medicine.  The USA as NOT had CBD as medicine for the last 60 years. Where many cultures have began using CBD (Cannabis) for over a decade.   It is time to look at the benefits of using CBD daily and why it is important to have CBD daily.

Global CBD Products

Global CBD provides premium hemp CBD that contain NO THC.  We have drinks, vapor, tinctures, pet CBD care products, and our flagship product Pure Relief Ultra Nano (PRUN).  PRUN is the most efficient and effective CBD product in production today, it is 100 percent bioavailable when taken sublingually.  The serving size is only 5 drops and our customers share they feel relief within minutes.

Our drink is all natural and has no added sugars.  This drink line is the best tasting and consistent drink available on the market.  Made with pharmaceutical grade isolate CBD this drink is powerful.  Perfect to relax and enjoy as a tea or cool refreshing drink.

Global CBD has two tinctures; Vitality Blend and Relaxation Blend.  Vitality is perfect as a maintenance or for people that want to de-stress during the day.   Relaxation is primarily used to assist in a good nights sleep.  Our clients share that they have the best sleep after taking the Relaxation Blend CBD.  These both have 100 mg of CBD and over 50 servings, a great value at only $45 per bottle.

These products are legal in all 50 states, have no THC, will not negatively effect employment drug tests, and our customers share that our products work.

If you haven't give CBD a try Global CBD is a great place to taste the benefits of hemp cannabidiol.  Share our site with friends, family, and people that want to try alternative options for pain, inflammation, insomnia, headaches, PTSD, and many other conditions.

You can get dosing suggestions from the Mayo Clinic's website, .

Disclaimer - The FDA has not approved of any of these statements and CBD is an unapproved drug.

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