CBD with Zero THC is legal in all states inside our United States of America! This is of course only true for CBD (Cannabidiol) that is 100% FREE of any and all THC. All of our Nano CBD products, as well as all of our regular CBD products, contain absolutely ZERO THC, while still providing ALL THE BENEFITS of CBD. The legality of Cannabidiol does vary from country to country, but in the U.S. it is safe to purchase, use and possess CBD with ZERO THC in any state! Users of Global CBD Products (CBD Oil, Multi Spectrum Hemp Oil, Nano CBD, CBD Tinctures, and CBD Skin Care products) have no risk of failing any type of employment drug test while using our ZERO THC CBD Products. Each one of our CBD products is 3rd Party Lab Tested for both potency and purity, which is why we are able to guarantee the complete lack of THC in the products we offer. So deep sigh of relief on that subject.

You can use our 100% THC Free CBD for many, many purposes. You may travel safely with our CBD anywhere in this country, use our CBD before bed, or take our CBD when you awake without worrying about breaking any laws. CBD Tinctures, CBD Oil, and topical CBD are all highly sought after ways of using CBD. It is completely safe for you to consume or topically apply any of our CBD products, they will not show up on any pre or post employment test.

What about CBD oil inside of a professional athletic / sports setting? Amateur or professional sports teams that test for Cannabis are looking for THC. Our CBD with ZERO THC can be used by both professional and amateur athletes as every product we sell is guaranteed to be employment test safe. In fact, CBD oil has shown huge potential in the realm of sports and fitness. Physically active athletes have testified many times regarding the positive impact of CBD inside the world of fitness.

What about CBD for Truck Drivers? Well, again, Global CBD products, from Nano CBD to Regular CBD, will all safely allow the user to pass any employment drug screening, including those administered for Truck Drivers! You are safe and we stand behind our ZERO THC GUARANTEE. The Agricultural Act of 2018, known to the public as ‘The Farm Bill’ was written into law at the end of 2018. The benefits of the Farm Bill for CBD in particular is that the cultivation of industrial hemp can now be explored on a State by State level. Industrial hemp crops can produce legal top quality CBD, which is what we utilize in our Global Nano CBD.

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