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Just how IS CBD oil extracted?

This is of some interest, as you should be aware of where your CBD oil and CBD products are made.

Additionally, some people wonder if possibly CBD drug testing will yield a positive result for employment or other purposes. After all, not everyone has a very enlightened attitude towards these things.

How is CBD oil made? Well, the quickest answer is that it is extracted from a plant in the cannabis family. Exactly which plant and exactly how? That depends on who is doing it.

CBD Hemp Oil Vs CBD Cannabis Oil

First, is what plants that CBD oil is harvested from: CBD hemp oil and CBD cannabis oil. Cannabidiol is present in both the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. However, only the marijuana plant contains THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gets a person high.

CBD oil can be extracted from both plants, so that is something you should know. If there is no risk that you'll be drug tested any time soon, there is nothing to worry about.

CBD oil cannot get you high, no matter what it's source. If it's sourced from even the most potent of marijuana plants (the Dank Side of the Force!) it still doesn't matter. Cannabidiol oil, regardless of source, is not psychoactive.

However, and this is the key distinction, CBD oil from a marijuana plant DOES contain trace amounts of THC. Not enough for you to even notice, let alone feel significant effects from.

It can, though, be enough to trigger a positive drug test result for THC, at least in theory. It depends on how the sample is collected among other factors. However, it can happen.

Therefore, if that is a concern to you, be sure to use hemp CBD oil only.

How Is CBD Oil Extracted?

There are several methods of extracting CBD oil from plants. First, a plant must be selected. Usually, a grower will cultivate a strain of hemp that has a high cannabidiol content. Some grow operations produce strains of marijuana that produce rich buds but extract the oil from the rest of the plant. In either case, the plants are first grown for their CBD content.

There are two primary methods for extracting CBD oil.

Whole plant extraction uses the entire plant in the extraction process. This is what most producers of CBD oil and other CBD products usually prefer, for various reasons.

CBD isolates, however, isolate only the cannabidiol in the plant. This process is a little more complicated, but creates a purer, more potent product.

Let's go over the main methods for each.

Alcohol Extracted CBD Oil

The typical method of whole plant CBD oil extraction is alcohol-extracted CBD oil. The process is fairly simple.

Plants are soaked in a solvent, typically grain alcohol. The ethanol leaches cannabidiol from the plant matter, and after the plant is lifted out of the alcohol vat, the alcohol is distilled off, leaving CBD oil. It can then be filtered, flavored or otherwise altered for packaging.

Some alcohol CBD oil operations use a RotoVap, a compartmentalized machine that spins the oil and heats the alcohol off, but also condenses and captures the alcohol for later use. This cuts down on waste, too.

CBD Isolate

CBD isloate, however, is made in a more complicated process.

To isolate CBD, it needs to bind with a substance that gets it out of the plant. Instead of alcohol, the isolate method binds CBD to carbon dioxide. However, additional compounds and plant material come with it.

The resulting CO2-infused mass is subjected to a range of temperatures and pressure levels, usually in several chambers of extraction. Each change in temperature and pressure extracts a different compound until the cannabidiol itself, usually in a powder form in the end stage, is isolated from the original mass.

This yields a more uniform and concentrated product but comes at a price. Namely, an increased cost of production both in terms of equipment but also in labor as trained technicians are required.

In either method, the producer then creates the final form of the product they sell, eventually reaching store shelves and you - the end user! That is the process of how CBD oil is extracted.

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