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SANDPOINT — Local entrepreneurs are tapping into the therapeutic properties of hemp to produce health-giving tinctures without the cannabis high.

Hemp and marijuana both come from the cannabis plant, but they are worlds apart in terms of laws and use. After generations of selective breeding, hemp contains a minimum of THC, the chemical that causes the signature marijuana high.

Cannabis with THC is illegal in the majority of states, but hemp and hemp products are legal.

Hemp contains cannabidioil, which provides the therapeutic value of Global CBD LLC products.

Owners Joel Bordeaux and Kelsey Kilmartin have spent the past decade researching the hemp industry and planning their exclusive product line, they said.

"Global CBD LLC the first Idaho-based wholesale and online retailing company of agricultural hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). We are excited to share our products with Idaho and the county," they said in an April 8 press release.

All Global CBD products contain 99 percent CBD and zero THC, according to the owners. Their raw materials come from agricultural hemp stocks and stems processed in Switzerland. The processor ships the dry hemp to Sandpoint where Bordeaux and Kilmartin make their products.

"We have tinctures, vapor and a new product called Ultra Nano water. We will have new products soon as well: lotions, beard oil, whisker wax, sun screen, shaving oil, and many more products," they said.

"Our customers share that they experience many of the benefits known in cannabis CBD products that you see on the news such as feeling less stress and anxiety, better sleep, less pain and other benefits," Bordeaux and Kilmartin said.

"Products range from $30 for vapor, $45 for the tinctures and $130 for the Ultra Nano products," they said.


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