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Global CBD LLC is the first Idaho based wholesale and online retailing company of agricultural hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). We are excited to share our products with Idaho and the country. We feel that people have done their own research, understand the benefits of CBD and are searching for good alternatives. All of our products are made with 99% pure CBD and NO THC. We have tinctures, drinks, vapor, our flag ship product Pure Relief Ultra Nano water, and now we bring our technologies to the pet industry with Pet Spray, Capsules, and Pet Ultra Nano.

The pet line will focus on dogs, cats, and horses. However, most all CBD test have been on mammals and would work essential the same as on humans, pets, or any mammal. It has been proven that all mammals have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that work with CBD. CBD is known and researched to help with seizures, inflammation, cancer growth reduction, pain management and many other issues.

The owners are Joel Bordeaux and Kelsey Kilmartin of Sandpoint Idaho. We have been planning and researching CBD products for over 2 years and now have a line of products that are available in Idaho and across the country. Products range from $30 for vapor, $45 for the tinctures, and $130 for the Pure Relief Ultra Nano. The pet line of products vary from $48 - $120.

How are Global CBD products legal in Idaho and other states? All or our products are made from the “stocks and stems” of agricultural hemp from Europe. We make our products with pure CBD, containing NO THC. This is important because it will not show up on employment drug tests, because there is NO THC in our products. Thus not an issue with employers. Idaho code exempts products from cannabis sativa L “stocks and stems” with no THC.

Our customers share that they experience many of the benefits known in cannabis CBD products that you see on the news such as: feeling of less stress and anxiety, better sleep, less pain, and many other conditions are assisted.

To view the new Pet Care CBD Line go to the following URL:

Global CBD products can be found at several Idaho retail locations.
Contact Global CBD for more information or our website at , 208.340.9414 by phone, or 217 Cedar St. #61
Sandpoint Id 83864 by mail.

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