While we are happy to service your CBD needs and do sell nano CBD we don’t solicit businesses via phone or email. If you received a call related to nano CBD it was from our competition NOT us.
The highest quality CBD products available!

CBD VapE Oil

Our Vape Oil with CBD is used by clients for relaxation, distress, anti-anxiety and overall immediate CBD needs. 

CBD Oil for Vaping and CBD E Cig Juice

Vapor Oil products are great to have in addition to
our other lines. CBD E Cig Juice Line has also expanded. 


Current flavors: Hanky Panky – Cotton Candy, Creepy Crawler – Sour worm, Dreamboat Float – Root beer float, 3 Hour Tour – Melon and pineapple, and Kentucky Punch – Strawberry fruit punch.

New flavors: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Custard and
Apple Butter Cake.

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