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Joel Bordeaux

"dreams of his community being the capitol of CBD"

Joel’s passion for natural healing began from watching is father fight a losing battle with arthritis and cancer. Through years of research on cannabis and the healing benefits of a plant that has been wrongfully placed in a negative light. Joel educates and shares what he calls “True Love from the creator”. He lives in Sandpoint and dreams of his community being the capitol of CBD. He believes that CBD will be one of the most impactful industries for the world and his drive is to share premium products and sound education for the industry.

Joel enjoys sailing, outdoor actives, traveling and raising his son Zayn and daughter Zoey in the small mountain town near Lake Pend Oreille. Sandpoint is a community that has embraced the healing power of CBD and now has many professionals endorsing Global CBD products and referring people to their product lines.


Kelsey Kilmartin

"loves the relief that this amazing product brings to people"

Kelsey is a true Sandpoint native. He graduated from Sandpoint High and continued his education at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene.

Kelsey was introduced to CBD because of a botched appendectomy that resulted in multiple surgeries over a four-year period. Four times over the course of this period he came close to the end. Often battling infections and other negative byproducts of conventional medicine. The pharmaceuticals and pain medication took their toll. Fortunately, Kelsey found CBD, discovered its healing powers, and potential. It has been a passion of his since.

This experience led him to start Global CBD with friend and co-owner Joel Bordeaux. Kelsey is lucky to be in Sandpoint and lucky to be alive. He is an outdoor enthusiast; be it biking, motor biking, skiing, boating, golfing or hiking, and with found inspiration, what he truly enjoys, is helping and educating people about the benefits of CBD OIL, and watching the relief that this amazing product brings to them.

Stephanie Thurmond Global CBD

Stephanie Thurmond

"wants to share with others that there are alternatives that truly help."

Stephanie Thurmond was born and raised in beautiful Sandpoint ID, the location Global CBD was founded, and is a mother to her 4-year-old daughter Mila. Stephanie was raised by both of her ex-marine parents Michael and Judy Thurmond which still reside in Sandpoint ID. She has spent her main work history the last eight years helping patients in the dental field, still working in the dentistry field Stephanie helps to test, diagnose and treat sleep related breathing disorders.  Stephanie has struggled with many medical conditions and has been down a path herself of feeling helpless in receiving benefit from modern medicine which changed her direction of interest into natural hemp based products. Suffering from Scoliosis and migraines, taking ibuprofen daily along with multiple weekly chiropractic treatments she in hand suffered from a stomach ulcer which left her waking sick four days a week for months on end. Her primary care physician wanted to prescribe a medication which may have an impact on her heart, this was Stephanie’s last straw in finding an alternative in which she would receive benefit and not damage other organs. CBD Oil and Extracts was and has been the answer for her, now joining in the fight against modern medicine she cured her stomach ulcer and migraines with CBD alone and wants to share with others that there are alternatives that truly help.

Stephanie enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, beach days, sail racing and outdoor adventure in general. With a daughter beginning preschool this year it gives her even more motivation to help individuals with cancer, allergens and the many increasing medical conditions which are prevalent in today’s society.

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