What Is CBD? Is CBD Safe? Why CHOOSE Global CBD?


CBD is short for Cannabidiol and belongs to the class of 113+ known cannabinoid compounds found amongst a total of over 400 currently identified compounds in the cannabis plant. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t make people feel high like THC does, it is causing excitement among scientists, health professionals, and medical marijuana patients who are adopting pure CBD products to treat a wide range of conditions.

Our CBD Oils and Extracts come from organically grown, male agriculture hemp stocks and stems, derived from the raw product and 99% pure with absolutely NO THC. The hemp then undergoes supercritical CO2 extraction in order to organically isolate the CBD from the plant.

We are best known for our Nano CBD product line. Since CBD is a multi-molecule cluster, our Nano products come from separating the CBD clusters and spinning them into individual Nano molecules. This makes the product much more Bioavailable and thus more quickly and easily absorbed. A Nano product of 150 mg is equal to 1,500 mg of a clustered molocule product. This means the suggested serving size is much less and a single bottle lasts much longer.
All of our CBD Products at GlobalCBD.com are 3rd Party Tested.  Our CBD options are products we use ourselves, whether it is a product for wholesale CBD vendors, CBD distributor activity, or for our own Global CBD and Hemp online store.  

We do it all. Wholesale, Distributor, & CBD Affiliate programs. We feature CBD oil, hemp oil, tinctures, bottles, and CBD training. We also offer CBD Massage oils and balms. We only feature the highest quality CBD and Hemp Skincare, Tinctures and Oils! One of our favorite products is CBD Pet Care for dogs, cats, lions, tigers and bears. We use the highest quality Nano CBD isolate for animals. We love that we have the highest pure CBD Nano Hemp Oil available, ensuring maximum bioavailability. You'll find our Nano CBD in our tinctures, bottles, and as we said, inside our CBD pet line. 

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